Delhi to Manali Tour Package

Delhi to Manali Tour Package

SLOTBET Popularly named as ‘Dev Bhumi’ (Land of God), Himachal Pradesh is one of the fantabulous states in North-Western India. Surrounded by the prestigious Himalayan range, Himachal Pradesh is a renowned tourist destination within India. In the foothills of the abode of snow sits the pulchritudinous cityscape in Kullu called Manali. The jaw-dropping serene view at God’s valley embedded with charismatic ambience, audacious escapade (river rafting, mountaineering, hiking, heli-skiing, paragliding et al) provides a thrilling experience all around your travel. The tranquil peace, mesmerizing beauty and holy abode blend a perfect one-stop destination for hodophiles.

Planning to visit Manali?

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Here we furnish you with the list of renowned places to visit while travelling to Manali. The top 5 best places in Manali dropped below are-

  1. Hadimba Temple

Covered by the exotic greenery of Cedar forest and a pleasant view sets the abode of Goddess Hadima (Bhima’s wife and Ghatothkach’s mother). This 16th-century temple is a sacred abode for the local inhabitants and tourists to seek Goddess Hadimba’s blessings. Carved by Maharaja Bahadur Singh, this is a four floored, cone-shaped shrine embellished with timber doorway, furnished pebbles and carvings of animals and goddesses on the walls.

  1. Salang Valley

Headed at the distance of around 13 km from Manali lies Solang Valley. Enclosed by the snow-capped mountains, eye gazing glaciers, exotic ambience and wild adventures to provide a delightful experience to the tourists arriving from around the corners. Every year various adventure fests like snow bike riding, skiing, paragliding, trekking are organized to make it a perfect place for all fun-loving enthusiasts.

3. Jogini waterfalls

Located near village Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh stands a 150 ft tall awestruck waterfall named Jogini that provides a soothing view of the cascade falls with the sight of snow riched mountains at the side and a refreshing breath of lush green forests around. The splashes of water blended with charismatic peace and a holy shrine placed at its bottom excite them to plunge in these sparkling water splashes having a fun time around.

4. Beas River

Situated in the footsteps of nature’s fascinating paradise extends the gushing of oceanic waves adorned by the mountains natural beauty. The gentle flowing of water down the stream forms an eye-pleasing ambience to the peace dwellers and nature’s son by providing a marvellous visiting experience to its visitor.

5. Great Himalayan National Park

Habitat for the largest western tragopan Great Himalayan is a royal national park adorned with a stupendous view of endangered species along with the sight of floras and faunas to heighten the beauty. This densely populated forest include animals like snow leopards, Himalayan bear, musk deer, raptors, medicinal plants etc making it a perfect location for zoophilists and others. 

Did this excite your soul? The hotel stays in expenses are creating a troublesome? Well, not anymore!

We provide you with the best hotels to stay at completely affordable prices. So, here’s the list of the Top 3 best hotels at affordable rates. 

  1. Manali-Amara Resort Manali 

Located amidst the lush green forest and abstract beauty of magnificent mountains lies a well constructed top-notch hotel named Manali- Amara Resort. The top-notch facilities, friendly services, serene ambience and exotic location makes it a perfect one-stop stay in the resort.  

  • Amara Resort Manali

Embedded with world-class amenities Amara Resort offers a perfect location to enjoy your visit to Manali. Located far away from chaotic pollution, it adds a glamorous view to the surroundings along with a delicious buffet and other attractive activities. The scenic view, comfy beds makes it a unique place to reside in.

  • Amara Blue Magnet Dalhousie

Located on the banks of the fascinating state called Himachal Pradesh lies a perfect top-notch hotel called Amara Blue Magnet. It is a gateway for travellers visiting Manali as it offers a perfect location filled with picturesque beauty, yummy delicacies and friendly services offering a mesmerizing experience in all.

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